Easy Place 

Clip and Place System


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Place any Prefab freely to any desired Game Objects

There is nearly not a Prefab you couldn't take. Any Prefab is easy to prepare for use or to modify for use. You can place it on any Game Object which has the layer you choose. The Prefab will be projected in front of you in your chosen distance. 

Clip and Move on Game Object

Clipping is calculated via Raycast, while getting the axis location.
You can modify the clipping distance between your Prefab and the touched Game Object. Place Offset: Recommended Value: 0.1-0.2f
You can modify  using Up/Down or /and Left/Right rotation, the rotation speed, the moving speed and the Place Offset. 

Size and Raycast Length Calculation

This Tool automatically calculates, based on collider size, the Raycast Length, so your Prefab will always place perfect. 

Placement Display Material and change Prefab in Runtime

When the Prefab is possible to place, the Prefab automatically changes the Material to your chosen "Place Material", if placing is not possible anymore, the Material changes back to the original one.
The Tool gets all the original Materials itself, so you do not need to fiddle around assigning all Materials
The Tools allows also, to change the Prefab in Runtime via Script. With this its possible for you to scroll to as many Prefabs as you want.  

How does it work?

The Tool spawns the Prefab in front of the Players Camera with any distance you want to choose. The Prefab then gets parented to the Player Camera so it moves with it.
If the Prefab touches any Object with the assign Layer to it, Clipping starts.
Clipping is calculated via Raycast, while getting the Axis Location.
The Material of the Prefab gets replaced when placing is possible.
When placed the Prefab is always placed on the Game Object.
(Offset Values get subtracted when placed)


Controls for the Demo:

Activate Place Mode: G

Rotate Left and Right: Q/E

Rotate Up and Down: R/T

Change Prefab: Arrow Up

Place Prefab: Left Mouse Click